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Mediation and out-of-court dispute settlement.

The mediation is a method for and out-of-court dispute settlement, where all affected litigants are being supported by third unprejudiced and independent person who is known as mediator. The aim is to reach mutually advantageous and acceptable agreement for both litigants.

The mediation in Bulgaria is regularized by the Mediation Law which is passed in 2004. Subject of the mediation can be commercial, employment, family, civil and administrative disputes.

The mediation is more effective and economically remunerative procedure compared to the court procedure and because of that it is advisable to take advantage of it before you proceed with factual legal procedure. It saves you money and at the same time provides high possibility to reaching an agreement. In mediation there will be nobody who has her/his way in disadvantage of the other side. All the decisions are taken of all affected litigants’ free will with the help of qualified mediator. There is a Uniform Register of the Mediators provided by the Ministry of Justice, in which all the mediators who have received the training according to the requirements of the Ministry of Justice are enlisted.

Lawyer Ilonka Kovacheva is registered in the Uniform Register of the Mediators as a qualified mediator. For information click here.

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What can the mediation give us:

The mediation is confidential with respect to the circumstances became known during its proceeding.

Big percentage of the cases are finalized with reaching of out-of-court agreement which guarantees the effectiveness of the mediation.

The mediator listens impartially the litigants in the dispute and helps them to explain the reasons because of which the dispute has arisen, helps them to analyse all possible solutions of the dispute and to come to out-of-court agreement.

The mediation is a successful form of communication, when a dispute is arisen between the litigants and which can be taken to the court.

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Useful links

Uniform Register of the Mediators in Bulgaria

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Regulation Number 2 of 15.03.2007

Some examples of disputes, which can be subject to the mediation:

You have provider who violates the contract, who does not supply the goods on time or supplyes damaged goods.

You have a debtor, who does not want to pay her/his debt.

You have a tenant who does not pay the rent.

You want to sell real estate but some of the co-owners do not want that.

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