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What does the Law says

The practising of the lawyer’s profession, being admitted to the bar and disbarring as well as establishing and closing down of the Law Society is regulated by the Law for the Bar.

According to this law a lawyer can be only a person who has taken an oath and is enlisted in the register of the Law Society.

The Lawyer protects the interests of the client by providing of:

oral and written consultations and statement of view-point on legal matters;

preparing of all sorts of documents – appeals, pleas, petitions, complaints and other documents in connection to the work entrusted by the client;

legal representation of the clients and protection of their rights and legal interests before the bodies of the judicial authority, administrative authorities and offices as well as corporations and physical persons.

The lawyer represents her/his client on the basis of a written letter of attorney.

The legal deeds, briefs, electronic documents, computer equipment and other carriers of information are inviolable and are not liable to reviewing, copying, inspection and confiscation. The correspondence between the lawyer and her/his client regardless the means through which it is carried out and including electronically is not liable to reviewing, copying, inspection and confiscation and cannot be used as a piece of evidence. The conversations between the lawyer and his/her client cannot be eavesdropped and recoded. In case some records are made they cannot be used as pieces of evidence and are liable to immediate destroying. The lawyer cannot be questioned in her/his procedural capacity about: her/his conversations and correspondence with her/his client; her/his conversations and correspondence with another lawyer, the acts of her/his client; facts and circumstances she/he became aware of in connection to the provided protection and assistance.

The lawyer has the right to receive fee for her/his work. The amount of the fee is determined in a contract between the client and the lawyer. This amount should be equitable and substantiated and cannot be lower than the one which is stipulated in the regulation of the High Judicial Council for the respective type of work.

The lawyer is obliged to practise her/his profession conscientiously and through her/his behaviour when practicing it or not to be worthy to the trust and respect necessary for the profession. The lawyer is led by the supremacy of the law and she/he is obliged to protect her/his client’s rights and legal interests in the best possible way. The lawyer is obliged to inform her/his client for her/his rights precisely. When or on the occasion of conducting a lawsuit the lawyer cannot use resources and methods which aim to cause unjustified obstacles in terms of the law and the legal ethics. The lawyer is obliged to be independent when fulfilling her/his professional duties. He is obliged not to allow influence and impact led by her/his interests or by third persons or their interests when fulfilling her/his activity.

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