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Tax advice

Tax advice in relation to tax matters and cases. Optimization of tax effects.

Lawyer Ilonka Kovacheva is a graduate and a practicing lawyer and a practicing certified expert accountant, registered auditor, ensuring better knowledge of customer problems and their competent resolution.

The tax effects have a significant impact on any business decision and the business as a whole. In this regard, Lawyer Ilonka Kovacheva provides the service of tax planning and optimisation, allowing you to optimise your taxes by reducing them to the legally required minimum. LawyerIlonka Kovacheva provides the following services:

- advice on VAT effects - advice on all matters relating to the Law for VAT and the rules for its application.

- advice on specific business solutions, depending on the specific business purpose.

- advice on issues in the field of commercial legislation, employment and social security legislation, financial and accounting legislation.

- Tax Planning

- Advice on corporate tax

- Advice on local taxes

- Tax advice in the process of management decision making

- Advice on the avoidance of double taxation

- Tax advice on single time and subscription basis

- Information for all tax risks

- Advice on an efficient tax strategy and compliance with all mandatory requirements

Tax analysis in connection with the implementation of your business operations, analysis of existing and potential risks

If your company has its own accounting department, but you will not receive full and timely information on the financial results of your business and the amount of tax liability or wish to make an inspection of their work, contact Lawyer Ilonka Kovacheva. Having experience in tax planning and management and being both chartered expert accountant and registered auditor and a practicing lawyer, Lawyer Ilonka Kovacheva will give you professional and informed opinion that will help you run your business smoothly and stress free.

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