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Other services in the sphere of the Tax Law

Tax planning, tax analysis, legal assistance and consulting when preparing income tax form and other declarations

Lawyer Ilonka Kovacheva provides the entire range of services in the sphere of the tax law. Other tax legal services provided by Lawyer Ilonka Kovacheva?? are as follows:

Tax legal protection – representation in front of the National Revenue Agency (NRA) when tax inspections and counter examinations are conducted, legal protection before the tax administration in court, representation during administrative and legal appealing against inspectoral and other acts of the authorities of NRA including legal representation before a competent court. Lawyer Ilonka Kovacheva’s extensive experience in the legal representation before the tax authorities and court can increase your chances for obtaining positive final result.

Tax planning, tax optimisation and minimisation of the tax risk

Avoiding of double taxation

Tax analysis and tax legal consultations

Tax planning

VAT registration

Legal assistance when registering for the different kinds of taxes

Legal help and consulting when preparing income tax form and other declarations

Requests for refund and deducting of capitals and interests of tax and other public claims.

Legal help and assistance when spacing out and deferring of obligations or for joiner of the public claims

Tax refund

Deducting of tax obligations

Tax effects in case of merger, acquisition, connected persons

Giving current information from the tax practice related to the clients’ business activity as well as comments in the connection to the changes in the Tax Law.

Spacing out and deferring of tax obligations – legal help and assistance, legal consultations.

Protection against forced execution of the tax obligations.

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