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Registration of firms

Registration of firms – Limited Liability Companies, Sole Member Limited Liability Companies, Sole Trader, General Partnership, Joint-stock Companies

All firms carrying out business activity on the territory of Republic of Bulgaria are liable to Registration according to the relevant laws – the Commercial Law, the Law for the obligations and contracts, Law for the Commercial Register and other laws.

Lawyer Ilonka Kovacheva provides all kinds of services in connection to the registration and change of circumstances for commercial entities:

Registration of Limited Liability Companies

Registration of Sole Member Limited Liability Companies

Registration of Joint-stock Companies

Registration of Sole Trader

Registration of Partnership under the Obligations and Contracts Act

Registration of a Branch of Foreign Trader

Registration of Cooperation

Registration of foundations and non-commercial organisations

Registration of branches of local companies

What we do for you when registering a firm:

- check for the availability of the name

- preparation of all necessary documents for registration of firm regardless of the legal organisational form.

- making appointment with a notary for signing all needed documents.

- opening of an escrow account if such is necessary

- after the decision for registration is published Certificate for current state of the firm is issued.

If you find it difficult to decide what the legal form of your firm to be, the scope of activity and other circumstances you can refer to Lawyer Ilonka Kovacheva.

Lawyer Ilonka Kovacheva will consult you on all issues which are of interest for you and will give you legal advice which now and in the future can be crucial for your business.

Lawyer Ilonka Kovacheva will do that when you inform her about your intentions for current and future development of your firm, particularities in connection to ownership distribution and other circumstances and after analysing the received information by juxtaposing to the current legislation and tendencies for change in future.

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