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Re-registration of firms

Re-registration of firms in the Commercial Register with dead-line of 31.12.2011.

All firms registered on the territory of Republic of Bulgaria are obliged to re-register in the Commercial Register till 31.12.2011.

Lawyer Ilonka Kovacheva can provide this service for you by saving you time, efforts and troubles.

What is the benefit of using of qualified legal services if the re-registration itself is free for the firms which are liable to re-registration?

Lawyer Ilonka Kovacheva will do everything instead of you and you will save time and troubles. While the re-registration process lasts you will have the possibility to carry out your daily business activities without interruption.

Keep yourself out of making mistakes.

You save time which you need to get and complete the necessary documents and to stay in queues in the Register Agency

You receive free legal consultation on the legal meaning of your constituent documents and legal advice regarding the necessity of their correction when such a correction is in your benefit.

Informing about all legal consequences evolving from the re-registration of your firm, e.g. all re-registered firms are obliged to publish their annual report with the Register Agency within the time regulated by the low.

The firms which are not re-registered within the specified time limits will be closed by default and they will pay apart from the fines specified by the law all the expenses in connection to the liquidation. So if you have decided to close your firm first you have to re-register it in the Register Agency. This procedure is more cheap and favourable and it causes less problems.

Lawyer Ilonka Kovacheva provides all kinds of services connected to the re-registration of firms and legal consultation on any issue which is interesting you.

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