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Registering changes

Registering circumstances changes in the Commercial Register

All firms carrying out business activity on the territory of Republic of Bulgaria are liable to registering in the Commercial Register. All the necessary documents are submitted to the territorial sections of the Register Agency, which maintains databases of all firms with information about their respective circumstances related to them.

When a change occurs in any of these circumstances the firm is obliged to inform the Register Agency about that within 7 days from the date of the occurrence of the change in the circumstance. Otherwise the firm will be fined. For the purpose a petition according to the standard for the registering the changes in the circumstances is submitted.

The changes in the circumstances which have already been registered as well occurring of new ones are liable to registering in the Commercial Register. Petition for registering the changes is submitted in the following cases:

- Change of the name of the firm

- Change of the headquarters of the firm

- Change of the address of the administration of the firm

- Change of the manager

- Change in the ownership

- Accepting new partners or debarring such

- Redistribution of the stakes and shares

- Change of the time limits for which the partnership is established

- Insolvency procedure

- Company liquidation procedure

- Company reorganisation

- Change in the scope of the business activity of the company

- Other changes regulated by the law

Lawyer Ilonka Kovacheva will consult you on the necessity of the change of some of the circumstances which have already been registered as well as what is their legal form. Lawyer Ilonka Kovacheva will prepare all necessary documents, submit them to the Register Agency which will save you time, money and troubles and at the same time it will prevent you from making mistakes.

Different documents for registering changes are submitted for each legal organisational form of a commercial unity. For example the necessary documents are entirely different when the company in question for which changes will be registered is a limited liability company or joint-stock company. This ensues from the specificity of the management and the way the business activity of these businessmen is carried out. In that relation you need qualified legal help and assistance which Lawyer Ilonka Kovacheva can provide. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Lawyer Ilonka Kovacheva provides the entire range of services in the sphere of the registering the change in circumstances. The service can be provided only once or on a subscription based principle and in the latter case it is included in the amount of the monthly fee for providing of subscription legal services of corporate clients.

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