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Tax legal protection before NRA

Tax legal protection before the NRA, NSSI and NHIF.

Lawyer Ilonka Kovacheva cares for the interests of her clients by providing representation and tax legal protection before the NRA, NSSI and NHIF.

National Revenue Agency (NRA) is a specialised state body for establishing and collection of public revenue. Statutory powers of the NRA are governed by the Law for NRA, TIPC and other tax laws.

Under Article 3 (1) of the Law for NRA, National Revenue Agency serves taxpayers, insured and self-insured entities, provides the necessary information, explanations of their rights and obligations, provides printing and free distribution of tax and other declarations containing instructions on completing the forms and other documents required or issued on the basis of a law, publishes them on the Internet site of the agency; establishes government claims for taxes and social security contributions, and provides and enforces collecting the public revenue, and establishes administrative offenses and imposes administrative penalties under the tax laws and the laws governing mandatory contributions; reviews complaints against acts, which are issued by its authorities or refusals to issue acts, keeps a register of persons subject to registration under TIPC, the employed persons and others.

Often the services of a third person competent in the area of taxes, which is what appears to be a lawyer are needed to be used because of the improper actions by employees of the National Revenue Agency or misunderstanding of the issued acts to taxpayers - individuals and legal entities. The lawyer offers many services such as tax protection, legal representation, legal advice, and other legal services which primary goal is to help the client and protect the client's rights.

Lawyer Ilonka Kovacheva cares for the interests of her clients by providing them with services and tax legal protection before NRA, NSSI and NHIF.

Lawyer Ilonka Kovacheva will advise you on all matters related to your tax obligations, the appealing against the acts of the tax administration, explain the tax laws and other regulations that apply to the activity of the client.

Lawyer Ilonka Kovacheva provides tax legal protection and legal protection of your interests. Professional qualifications and experience of Lawyer Ilonka Kovacheva in leading tax cases provide quality protection of the interests of the clients in relation to taxation.

You can rely on the full support and representation based on single or subscription basis. In case of one time service, Lawyer Ilonka Kovacheva resolves any tax case by conducting due analysis and investigation of all relevant documents and produces the best possible legal solution to your case.

When choosing a service tax legal protectection before the NRA, NSSI and NHIF on a subscription basis for corporations, each month you will receive the following range of services:

- Representation before the NRA, NSSI and NHIF

- Advising on various tax matters

- Keep track of the deadlines for tax returns and timely notification and

- Notification of changes in tax laws affecting the client’s activity

- Protecting the interests of the client when wrongful acts are issued by the tax administration

- Legal protection of the client during the tax inspection before the NRA, NSSI and NHIF

- Advice on tax planning activities

- Consulting and refining contracts from a tax perspective

- Optimization of taxes

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