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Tax Lawyer Ilonka Kovacheva protects the interest of her clients in the sphere of Tax Law.

The Tax Law is combination of legal rules which regulate the relationships arisen on the occasion of assessing and paying of taxes. Such relationships are the relationships between state and tax payers.

Sources of tax law are the regulations, which govern the tax and legal relationships between the subjects of the tax law. Firstly this is the Constitution of Republic of Bulgaria, according to which all citizens of Republic of Bulgaria are obliged to pay taxes and fees established by the law. Usually, tax laws are named as such from its very title as Law Value Added Tax Act, Income Tax of Individuals, the Corporate Income Tax Law on Local Taxes and Fees. Tax laws are passed and all laws, by which the identification, collection and administration of taxes is regulated, even if these laws govern only in some parts the tax affairs.

In tax law the object of taxation, the amount of tax, tax base, tax rate, tax period, the time and manner of payment of the tax are defined. These elements are a prerequisite for applying the tax law.

Important legislation in tax law is TIPC (Tax-Insurance Procedure Code). TIPC provides procedures for establishing obligations for taxes and social security contributions, as well as securing and collection of public receivables assigned to the revenue authorities and public enforcement. Regulations of this law are applied to all taxpayers on the territory of Republic of Bulgaria.

Regarding the implementation of the tax law, tax law relationship and subsequent (further) tax liability arise. The tax liability is reflected in the tax debt need to be filled.

Lawyer Ilonka Kovacheva has specialised in tax law, due to her versatile and extensive legal experience in this sphere of the law, as well as because of other qualifications and experience namely: chartered accountant and registered auditor, an expert accountant. In this regard, you can rely on the most adequate and professional legal protection in the sphere of the tax law.

Tax Lawyer Ilonka Kovacheva will help you to solve your problems by carrying out a complete analysis of the current situation, adequacy and legality of the situation from legal point of view, forecasting future developments, analysing the existing legal norms and solving your problem in the best and most effective possible way.

Tax Lawyer Ilonka Kovacheva understands your problems and she approaches her clients’ situation individually based on the specifics of the problem situation. Provides the entire range of services in the sphere of tax law:

- Tax protection before NRA

- Appeals against audit reports

- VAT Refunds

- Tax consultations

- Written statements (opinions)

- Other

Establishing the moment of of occurrence of the tax obligation is one of the most important aspects of the tax law as of the date the tax becomes payable and receivable. Payment of taxes after certain legal times is considered a violation. In that relation Lawyer Ilonka Kovacheva will help you to establish the exact moment of occurrence of the tax obligation to justify your position and defend it before the tax administration.

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Tax Lawyer Ilonka Kovacheva will consult you on all issues related to tax law all the matters which relates to your taxes, tax planning and tax efficiency. For corporate clients Lawyer Ilomka Kovacheva provides special subscription packages of legal service, which include a wide range of legal services in the sphere of tax law. Please do not hesitate to call to receive more additional information!

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