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What the Lawyer can and cannot do

The Lawyer is your PARTNER in the process of solving your problem!

The Lawyer is your ASSISTANT and works together with you for achieving the BEST solution for you!

The lawyer is your PROTECTOR and provides her/his total professional help in exchange to preliminary agreed fee.

What can the Lawyer do for you?

To help you understand the situation adequately and why did you get in it.

To help you understand what are your rights.

To save you time.

To show you the RIGHT decision to your problem.

To show you the shortest way to achieving your goals.

To accomplish what you have entrusted.

To act promptly, adequately protecting your interests.

Choose lawyer whom you can TRUST. The trust is important as it is a precondition for SUCCESSFUL joint work between you and the lawyer. REMEMBER: You are a TEAM. And act as a team.

If you hide facts and pieces of evidence from your lawyer she/he will not be able to protect you adequately in spite of all the efforts she/he makes. She/he has to have at her/his disposal the whole needed information for the successful solution of your problem. In order to share it without feeling anxious you have to TRUST the lawyer.

Sometimes a resolution of the problem can be achieved prior it reaches the court. The primary goal of a good lawyer is to solve the problem before it goes to the court (during the pre-trial proceeding). If it is still necessary to go to court the Lawyer has to protect your interests in the best possible way putting all her/his professionalism.

But remember the lawyer is not a judge and cannot take decision instead of her/him. But she/he can and must present convincingly all pieces of evidence supporting your proposition, which are at her/his disposal.

What the lawyer CANNOT do for you?

The Lawyer cannot take decisions instead of you. She/he is under obligation to present to you all facts and circumstances but you and only you are the one who takes the decisions.

The Lawyer cannot guarantee what will be the decision of the court. The Lawyer can offer you the best protection but the court takes the decision. In return you and your lawyer can appeal the decision of the court.

The Lawyer cannot present your facts instead of you. You are the one who has to share those facts with her/him.

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